Soap Box Time
    Occassionally we like to stand up on a soap box and rant. We rarely stand in a flowing white robe with a sign that says "The End is Near" but our rantings seem to have about the same impact.
    On this web site we try to give straight-forward "matter-of-fact" information about our hotel. We do this because we are a family-run, hands-on business. So if you stay with us you probably will meet one of the owners. Thus, our motivation is simple: If we lie to you here and you are disappointed, we are the people who will have to listen to your complaints. So for our own peace and contentment we want you to be happy and knowlegable.
    Sadly, the Roosevelt Inn is the only family owned and operated property left in Keystone. Every other property is either corporate or group owned and the owners or senior managers are well insulated from the guests. This leads to what we might kindly call advertsiing or promotional abuses. Here's what we mean: