Map of Keystone

    Keystone is a small community located at the base of Mt. Rushmore. The Roosevelt Inn is located about a quarter mile from the national monument's East boundary.
    There is no lodging available within Mt. Rushmore. Visitor facilities at Mt. Rushmore include a restaurant, a gift shop, a museum, the Artist's Studio and numerous viewing areas and trails. There is no entrance fee for Mt. Rushmore, however an annual parking permit costs $8. Keystone has over a dozen restaurants and some 800 guest rooms in several price ranges. Most of Keystone's facilities, such as shopping and restaurants, are within walking distance of each other. The Mt. Rushmore Visitor Center is about two miles away from the closest point in Keystone.
    If you are looking for the Roosevelt Inn, it will be the first building you see in Keystone as you leave Mt. Rushmore toward the East. If you are driving into Keystone from the East, you must proceed about a half mile beyond Keystone's only traffic light toward Mt. Rushmore to reach the Roosevelt Inn.

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