Doing what you do

One of the most important lessons my father ever taught me was the art of using a scythe. It was a lesson passed down to him by his father, and generations of fathers before. Today too many people don’t even know what a scythe is,


How about a happy face

Here’s a story that’s been around for a long, long time.  A wealthy gentleman saw a cockroach in his private suite while traveling on the Long Island Rail Road. Incensed he wrote an indignant letter to the president of the railroad complaining of the incident

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The End is Nigh

    The end is nigh. Well, at least in terms of the 2014 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally – known among goers as the 74th. As rallies go, it was smaller than usual, probably because some bikers were saving up to come next year for the 75th,

Sturgis Motorcycle Rallyt

Rendezvous in Sturgis

Sometimes there are things that just cannot be properly said in English. The words “in flagrante” come to mind. A few Latin phrases notwithstanding, most of the useful foreign words seem to be French, a language that is particularly well suited to sly innuendo. For

vanity plate for dogs

Cow Automotive Group

It’s the time of the year when we spend a lot of time crawling along mountain roads behind slow moving RVs. This gives us plenty of time to ponder their names. Names like: Puma, Hornet, Fleetwood. Prowler, Wildcat, Bounder, Bobcat, Bullet, Eagle … and, my

Pink Cabin Road Black Hills South Dakota

Pink Cabin Road

Pink Cabin Road near Keystone is one of the shorter roads in the Black Hills. But the view is fantastic.  This road is a favorite with cyclists and motorbikers alike.

Black Hills ATV trail

Off-roading in the Black Hills

We’ve recently had several groups of ATV and UTV riders staying with us. This week it was a group from Kentucky, and we were able to arrange for them to visit some trails with a couple of local riders. This group happened to be quite

Barn swallows in Keystone

Back and happy

Look who’s back: Every year Keystone is visted by hoards of swallows who build their nests everywhere. They are actually fun to watch. Yes, the swallows have returned to Keystone although not everyone is happy about it.  It seems that this year they are nesting

Natural maze in the Black Hills

Here’s to healthy fun

If parents of young children today ever saw the playgrounds that many baby boomers remember, two words might come to mind: “Death Trap”. Playgrounds in the 1950s were industrial. Play things looked like they were built in locomotive factories. Swings had solid oak seats hung