About Us

The main writers on this site are myself, Dean Bottorff, and Joanell Ackerman. We are the owners and operators of the Roosevelt Inn hotel in Keystone, South Dakota. We are assisted by Angelina Weiner who is an editor of doubtful writing and editing skills.

Both Joanell and I have roots in South Dakota that go back a long way. Some of Joanell’s ancestors came to Custer, SD, in the 1890s and at one has been resting in the Custer Cemetery since 1896. Joanell arrived in South Dakota at a hospital in Mitchell, though she claims she doesn’t remember the event. Perhaps she’s blocking because in those days newborns were welcomed to the world with a slap on the bottom. My arrival to South Dakota was in 1951 on a train from Keokuk, Iowa, which I remember very well because I got to spend a night in a Pullman Sleeper. For a kid, things didn’t get much better than that.

Joanell and I have been operating the Roosevelt Inn for nearly 20 years now and we like to spend our free time out in the Hills doing things. My first visit to the Hills was in 1954 and I’ve either visited or lived here ever since.

We like to think these long histories give us some street cred when it comes to knowing something about the Hills. At least it gives us a perspective different from that of most visitors. …writing from that perspective is the purpose of this blog.

Our goal is to give you insight that you may not be able to find anywhere else and that is also free of commercial bias. We’ll write about the things we like. That’s it. We don’t plan on spending much time covering tourist attractions which are already well-covered in various tourists publications and elsewhere on the rosyinn.com web site. We hope to make this personal to the point that some might even call it quirky. So, with that in mind, read on ….


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