Our Black Hills

In nearly 20 years of operating the Roosevelt Inn we’ve answered a lot of questions. Where to eat. How to get somewhere. What time does something start. …. you’d think we’ve answered just about every question about everything. Well, we haven’t. In fact, we’ve got lots of answers to questions that people never ask. That’s what this blog is all about. Or, to put it another way, things in the Black Hills that most tourists never see.

For instance, nobody has ever asked us where there’s a good place to watch peregrine falcons. (That’s what our first blog is about.) But, if someone should ask that question, our quick answer would be “The Wells Fargo Bank parking lot in Rapid City.” It’s easy to get to. There’s always a place to park. There’s a coffee shop nearby. And, on any given summer’s day, you’re likely to meet a birder nearby who can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about peregrine falcons. Bring your lawn chair! So that’s the best place, right?

Not so fast there, cowboy. What if you want to look right into the deep black eyes of this killer? Head off to Rapid City’s Reptile Gardens and catch their “Birds of Prey” demonstration. Yes, they have a lot more to see than snakes and such. It’s a great show, but is that it? Not exactly!

Say want to see a wild falcon, in his natural habitat soaring just a few feet away from you. Say, you want to be close enough to look into his eyes as he looks back defiantly – as if sizing you up for a meal – before the rising warm air takes him even higher. For that you’ll need to be near the top edge of one of the Black Hills many cliffs where these birds ride thermals to a height of over five hundred feet above the valleys below. They then dive on their unsuspecting prey at speeds that have been recorded as high as 242 miles per hour. Yes. You can do that here. This blog tells you where.

There’s hundreds, if not thousands, of places and activities in the Black Hills that most tourists never see. We hope to show you some, at least in words and pictures, and take you where few visitors ever go.

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