Monthly Archives: September 2014

Fall colors Black Hills

Fall color in the Black Hills

Now that the sky is starting to clear after two days of rain, the fall colors in the Black Hills are starting to look good. This shot is of Pactola Lake looking north along the Black Hills Parkway (US385) between Hill City and Deadwood.

Track inspection vehicles in Keystone, South Dakota

Railroad track inspection vehicles.

    One of the more enjoyable aspects of living in the Black Hills is that we get to see lots of unusual vehicles. And these track inspection cars that took over 1880 Train tracks in Keystone in September are some of our favorites. Nearly

Two chipmunks in a snuggle

Alvin and Alvina

Cooler weather inspires cuddly chipmunks.  The heatwave of last week, 91 on the warmest day, is over and fall weather is starting to break out. This pair seems to have harvested a winter supply of pine nuts and is ready to cuddle up for the

It's been said that happy campers prefer beds.

Great for hoteliers

  So, if happy campers sleep in beds, one might wonder how they feel about rattlesnakes.  It’s been said that rattlesnakes are actually somewhat cuddly, occasionally slithering into an unoccupied sleeping bag.  So a word of advice. If you camp in rattlesnake infested areas, check

Badlands 2014

Badlands in green

Badlands of Western South Dakota are looking good this fall with unusually tall and green wild grasses.