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Storm clouds over Cement Ridge

Storm clouds over Cement Ridge

Storm clouds gather over the old lookout tower on Cement Ridge in the Black Hills of Wyoming. This area is just over the border with South Dakota and it is a popular viewing area in the Northern Black Hills.

South Dakota roads: dog tested and approved

South Dakota roads

  Intrepid blogger Angie Weiner is back in South Dakota where she’s dog testing and approving various back roads.  Earlier in the week she was in Wyoming to check out the roads there.  In her opinion the best roads have no cars.

Western South Dakota storm clouds

Western South Dakota storm clouds

Sure. They look sweet and fluffy from a distance, but these are the storm clouds that brought heavy rain, hail, thunder and tornado warnings to the Rapid City area on Tuesday. In the Black Hills the standard summer forecast is sunny with a 20 percent

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City of stranglers

Perhaps the most impressive sight in Rapid City – admittedly a town without many impressive sights – is the group of seven WPA dinosaurs atop Skyline Drive just west of Downtown. These jolly green concrete creatures have been a fixture of the skyline since they


Alvin and Stephanie are back

Guess who’s back. Our two friendly neighborhood chipmunks, Alvin and Stephanie who have apparently captured the mood of spring.

Potato Creek Johnny

Historical nuggets

You don’t have to spend much time in the Black Hills before you hear about Potato Creek Johnny. And depending upon where you hear it, almost every story will be different. In a way, this real-life pioneer is more of a legend than a person.