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Deerfield Road, Hill City, Black Hills, South Dakota

Black Hills roads and highways

Most visitors seem to think Black Hills roads are pretty good. This is mostly true except for Rapid City. People who live in Rapid City want to believe they live in a big city so they think they need streets with pot holes. It is

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Iron Mountain Road

There’s snow up on Iron Mountain so the road has been temporarily closed and it looks like it might not re-open until the weather changes back to normal on Wednesday.

Carrie Ingals

Carrie Ingalls lived here

Carrie Ingalls was Keystone’s most famous resident. She was the younger sister in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s book “Little House on The Prairie” and she lived in Keystone for many years. Viewers of that TV show became very familiar with the character of Carrie. In real

chute rooster, rodeo

My life as a chute rooster

In my ill-spent younger days I was a member of the bar. No not that bar. A bar attended by friends who happened to be rodeo cowboys. This was a bar where it was not a good idea to have beer and pool cues (we

Cuny Table, Badlands, South Dkota

It’s good to go bad

See a video at In the language of the Lakota it’s called mako sica which literally means “land bad.” We call it “The Badlands,” and have turned a bit of it into a national park where rangers charge visitors $15 just to drive through.

Roosevelt Inn Blog

A note about safety

The intent of this blog is to inform about places and things in the Black Hills enjoyed by folks who live here, but not necessarily known to most tourists.  One such place is called Falling Rock, a stretch of 150-foot-high cliffs just off Highway 44

black hills trails, mickelson trail, trails to rails in south dakota

Off-trail hiking

If you want a serious LTR with the Black Hills you need to put your boots on. The Black Hills National Forest has about 472 miles of marked hiking trails. Wind Cave National Park has another 40 or so. Custer State Park has some 35