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Moonset over Mt. Rushmore

Moonset over Mt. Rushmore

Some say October is one of the best times to visit the Black Hills. The weather is usually nice (October, 2013, being a notable exception) and you can take pictures like this. The Harvest Moons of October and November present a striking view as they


Doing what you do

One of the most important lessons my father ever taught me was the art of using a scythe. It was a lesson passed down to him by his father, and generations of fathers before. Today too many people don’t even know what a scythe is,


How about a happy face

Here’s a story that’s been around for a long, long time.  A wealthy gentleman saw a cockroach in his private suite while traveling on the Long Island Rail Road. Incensed he wrote an indignant letter to the president of the railroad complaining of the incident

Sturgis Motorcycle Rallyt

Rendezvous in Sturgis

Sometimes there are things that just cannot be properly said in English. The words “in flagrante” come to mind. A few Latin phrases notwithstanding, most of the useful foreign words seem to be French, a language that is particularly well suited to sly innuendo. For

vanity plate for dogs

Cow Automotive Group

It’s the time of the year when we spend a lot of time crawling along mountain roads behind slow moving RVs. This gives us plenty of time to ponder their names. Names like: Puma, Hornet, Fleetwood. Prowler, Wildcat, Bounder, Bobcat, Bullet, Eagle … and, my

RV on South Dakota Highway

Camper Season

The RV’s are on the road again as you can see from this picture of  an RV on SD Highway 44 west of White River.  Can’t see it?  Look again. Maybe you need to see this picture full size.


A summer story

By all accounts the summer of ’74 should have been terrible for me. I was unemployed, broke and in a problematic marriage which was destined to end. We all have low spots in our lives and this should have been among my lowest. But sometimes



England has Stonehenge.  Alliance, Nebraska, has Carhenge.  … and then there’s Pringle, South Dakota.  I hate to admit how much I like the little town of Pringle on the road between Custer, SD, and Wind Cave National Park.  Where else will you see an homage

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Sunday drivers

It’s that time of year again when we start seeing lots of Sunday drivers … all week long. It’s no secret that the Black Hills are a favorite destination for just about anybody who likes to drive or ride anything with wheels. This weekend we