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Poker Alice

Story of Poker Alice

A lot has been written about Poker Alice whose death in 1930 long preceded her fame. Like many myths of the West, those of Poker Alice have grown in time. When she died she was a somewhat infamous speakeasy and brothel owner with a colorful

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City of stranglers

Perhaps the most impressive sight in Rapid City – admittedly a town without many impressive sights – is the group of seven WPA dinosaurs atop Skyline Drive just west of Downtown. These jolly green concrete creatures have been a fixture of the skyline since they

Potato Creek Johnny

Historical nuggets

You don’t have to spend much time in the Black Hills before you hear about Potato Creek Johnny. And depending upon where you hear it, almost every story will be different. In a way, this real-life pioneer is more of a legend than a person.

Curley Grimes headstone

Here lies Curley Grimes

  The stage from Cheyenne to Deadwood, commonly known as the Deadwood Stage, was one of the most dangerous rides in the entire West. In the days before railroads reached the Black Hills it was the only means of shipping gold and these gold-laden stage

Carrie Ingals

Carrie Ingalls lived here

Carrie Ingalls was Keystone’s most famous resident. She was the younger sister in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s book “Little House on The Prairie” and she lived in Keystone for many years. Viewers of that TV show became very familiar with the character of Carrie. In real

black hills gold mine

Golden past

If I had written this blog 20 years ago, I could have directed you to any number of old mining sites in the Black Hills. These are called “ghost mines” … but like most ghosts, they’re fleeting. One atlas lists nearly 1,000 such mines, but

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Mountain man

The legend of Hugh Glass, a true mountain man. The story of Hugh Glass ranks as one of the most remarkable stories of survival in American history. So much so, that Hugh Glass became a legend in his own time. Little is actually known about