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Black Hills roads

Great Fall Weather

We’re having some extremely nice fall weather in the Black Hills with highs in the 70s, lots of sunshine and not much wind. Perfect weather for hitting the roads with the top down. This is a photo of a stretch of SD Highway 244 behind

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Must reading for travelers

See this:   The Roosevelt Inn does not and never has charged hidden fees. Room prices are quoted without tax which is 8.5% in Keystone. Our fee structure is clearly stated on our web site. Beware of “resorts” that advertise rooms starting at $49.95,

Western South Dakota storm clouds

Western South Dakota storm clouds

Sure. They look sweet and fluffy from a distance, but these are the storm clouds that brought heavy rain, hail, thunder and tornado warnings to the Rapid City area on Tuesday. In the Black Hills the standard summer forecast is sunny with a 20 percent

Potato Creek Johnny

Historical nuggets

You don’t have to spend much time in the Black Hills before you hear about Potato Creek Johnny. And depending upon where you hear it, almost every story will be different. In a way, this real-life pioneer is more of a legend than a person.

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Iron Mountain Road

There’s snow up on Iron Mountain so the road has been temporarily closed and it looks like it might not re-open until the weather changes back to normal on Wednesday.

Roosevelt Inn Blog

A note about safety

The intent of this blog is to inform about places and things in the Black Hills enjoyed by folks who live here, but not necessarily known to most tourists.  One such place is called Falling Rock, a stretch of 150-foot-high cliffs just off Highway 44

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Upcoming stories

Here are some stories we’re working on: Black Hills motorheads: What’s under your wallet? Black hills bad guys and some who were just plain misunderstood Legendary lost treasures — fact and myth A sandy mountain-top beach A famous trail nobody ever heard about Look for

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Restaurants Open

Bigtime Pizza is now open for the season. Hours hours are 4-8 p.m.  The Ruby House will open for the season Friday, April 11 at 11:30.  We will be open daily 11:30 until 8:00. Sunday, April 20 we are having an Easter Buffet from 11:00-

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Road closed

The road in front of the Roosevelt is closed for bridge repair which is expected to last for another week. If you need to reach the hotel follow the detour through the alpine slide parking lot.