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Track inspection vehicles in Keystone, South Dakota

Railroad track inspection vehicles.

    One of the more enjoyable aspects of living in the Black Hills is that we get to see lots of unusual vehicles. And these track inspection cars that took over 1880 Train tracks in Keystone in September are some of our favorites. Nearly

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The End is Nigh

    The end is nigh. Well, at least in terms of the 2014 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally – known among goers as the 74th. As rallies go, it was smaller than usual, probably because some bikers were saving up to come next year for the 75th,

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snow mow mo’ snow

Snow Thursday, sunny and warm Friday, more snow tonight. This seems crazy. Folks were out mowing lawns on Friday as Thursday’s snow was all melted by Thursday afternoon. Now the forecast is for two more days of snow. Please explain.

Roosevelt Inn Blog

YouTube videos

We’ve added some videos of our rooms to our YouTube channel. Here is the link:  Roosevelt Inn Videos

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Stories in progress

I’ve  got several new stories on the way.  The first will be an overview of the Black Hills’ mining history.  I’ve been researching this topic for years.  To wit: That’s me near a mine in the Deadwood area. I first got interested in this topic

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Welcome from the Roosevelt Inn

Our blog is up and running again after a false start on April 1.  Over the next few days well will attempt to re-load all of the data that was lost, so please check back later. Regards, Dean.