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Winter Sunset
Winter Sunset looking west from the Roosevelt Inn.
Snow? What Snow?
Roosevelt Inn after a winter storm. It's rare for Keystone to get this much snow in only one snowfall.
Halley's Store circa 1960
Halley's Store, circa 1960. This Keystone landmark looks about the same today. In it's heyday, the store sold everything from penny candy to dynamite.
A room at the inn
A room at the inn. This is a typical queen single. The door opens to a private balcony.
The pool deck
The pool, as it used to loo. It's since been enclosed.
Candy and gift shop
Our candy and gift shop.
Robert the pizza maker
Robert the pizza maker.
Our view of Mt. Rushmore
Our view of Mt. Rushmore. Yes, this is what you can see from the property. But don't get too excited. You have to climb the hill behind the building to see it and the photo is taken with a telephoto lense. And we are one of the closest places to Mt. Rushmore.
New pool enclosure
The new pool enclosure (right) was added in 2002.
Wall of fame
Wall of Fame: Read guest comments about the pizza.
Sylvan Lake Lodge, circa 1916
Sylvan Lake Lodge, circa 1916. Somehow we end up collecting these pictures, but people seem to like them.
Sylvan Lake Lodge, circa 1911
Sylvan Lake Lodge, circa 1911. The Roosevelt Inn design was inspired by the old Sylvan Lake Lodge. The original lodge no longer exists.