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We are centrally located in the Black Hills near:

Mt. Rushmore
Crazy Horse
Custer State Park
Devil's Tower
Jewel Cave
Wind Cave
The Badlands
1880 Train
Sylvan Lake
The Needles
Hot Springs
Bear Butte
Spearfish Canyon
Wounded Knee
Bear Country
Reptile Gardens
and many other
Black Hills

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Off the beaten path
        in the Black Hills
Finding "treasures" like this in the Black Hills may be easier than you think once you get away from the usual tourist destinations.

Off The Beaten Path in the Black Hills

     This is a list of activities and things that many short-term visitors to the Black Hills miss. Most of this stuff isn't for everyone, but if you are looking to see or do something that's different, this list should provide some ideas.

     As you might guess, doing many of these things requires either prior experience or the aid of a qualified guide. It would be foolhardy, for instance, for the average person to enter into an cave or attempt rock climbing without experienced help. On the other hand, anyone, even children, can do some things -- for instance, collect rocks or Geocaching.

     Also, the joy of some of these activities comes from having a certain amount of knowledge about the subject. Looking at Calamity Jane's grave, for instance, is more interesting if you know the story behind why it's where it is. Although, recently with the showing of HBO's television series about Deadwood, the graves of Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok, may be of interest to more than just a few Western history buffs.

     These topics often have links that may point to other web sites that are maintained by people far more knowledgeable than us. If you go to those sites, we do hope you come back us. Use your browser's "back" command to return to our site -- or, perhaps even make a bookmark of the Roosevelt Inn Web Site. Have fun.

Western Lore -- Links to other web sites with information about the history of the Black Hills. Ghost Town Hunting -- Info on more than 400 ghost towns and ghost mines in the Black Hills. Scuba Diving -- If you've got the gear we've got the lakes.
Railroad History -- Learn about some of the lines in the Black Hills. Wilderness Hikes -- Hike where only hikers can go. Rock Climbing -- Not for everyone, but ....
Gold Panning -- Spending an afternoon on the banks of a remote stream can be rewarding. Spelunking -- For those who really want to get down and dirty. Rock Hounding -- This is a pastime that is as old as the first prospectors in Black Hills.
Off-Roading -- Most Forest Service roads are open to four-wheelers and can provide many hours of enjoyment. On-Roading -- The joys of driving Black Hills Roads.  Our favorites for the sheer pleasure of motoring. Geo-Caching -- Information about a  pupular pasttime that combines both hiking and sightseeing. 
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