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    This is a collection of links to items  that don't really fit anywhere else, but it's still stuff that kids like to see and do. Some of these attrations are ideally suited for children.
     The Mammoth Site, for example, offers special programs then let children practice digging fossils out of the earh. Roosevelt Inn ideas for
                      kidsReal scientists show them the tools and techniques ues in unearthing these massive beasts. Several of these sites could be combined in themes, as combining the Mammoth Site with a visit to the Museum of Geology and the Petrified Forest which combined give children a greater appreciation of the earth's long history. Another pairing might be the 1880s Town and the Adams Museum.
     Some sites are just plain fun. Our personal favorite in that category is A&A Auto Salvage. All youngsters may not appreciate old cars, motorcycles and other equipment,  but they might appreciate the massive sculptures made out of chrome auto parts.
    After you visit various links below, you can use your browser's "back" command to return to this page.

Wall Drug -- Watch the mechanical cowboy band or ride the mechanical horses Air & Space Museum -- Walk amont nearly 30 vintage aircraft Wade's Gold Mill -- Look at antique mining equipment Museum of Geology  -- Look at Dionsaur Bones see a collection of rocks from the Black Hills
Bear Country  --   See bears, elk and other animals native to the Black Hills Aerial Traway & Presidents Slide -- Ride up a cable car and slide down a 5/8th mile track A&A Auto Salvage -- Go to a junk yard and see what's been collected Adams Museum -- Catch some history of the Black Hills and famous Western characters.
Mamoth Site -- Watch the excavation of  old mammoth bones Trout Haven -- Catch a fish and eat it too 1880 Town  -- Look at the way folks used to live on the praraire Petrified Forest -- See ancient trees and other fossilized remains.
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