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    Just driving through the Black Hills you are likely to see many animals. Deer are plentiful and, of course, Custer State Park is home to one of the nation's largest herds of buffalo. Also, as a bonus,  you are also quite likely to see antelope, pronghorns and, at Mt. Rushmore, mountain goats.

     But just in case that's not enough, or if you have little ones who are really interested in animals we offer the following suggestions.

     You are likely to see animals in the wild when you drive through Custer State Park, Wind Cave, the Badlands or the Wild Horse Santuary. There are few things more exciting than seeing a wild animal actually in the wild. You can also see amimals at attractions like Bear County or Reptile Gardens, and you are likely to get a much better view, so young children may appreciate these attrations more. 

      For very young children, petting zoos like Storybook Island or Old MacDonalds Farm may be more appealing.

     Click on these links for more ideas and remember to use your browser's "back" command to return to this page.

Custer State Park -- Large buffalo heard, prairie dogs, burros, pronghorn and other animals Bear Country -- Bears, of course, and other wildlife native to the Black Hills Reptile Gardens - Snakes, turtles, lizards and the assorted reptiles you would expect, but also exotic and native birds Wild Horse Sanctuary - Horses running wild on a huge ranch along the White River.
Canyon Lake Park -- Geese who enjoy handouts Storybook Island -- Small petting zoo Wind Cave National Park -- Buffalo herd and prairie dogs Badlands National Park -- Antelope, snakes and assorted varmints
Old MacDonalds Farm -- Petting zoo popular with youger children Cleghorn Springs Trout Hatchery -- See how trout are raised DC Booth Historical Fish Hatchery -- A bit of Black Hills History Bear Butte State Park -- Home to a small herd of  bison
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