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   Most rides and trips are big-budget items so you might want to limit the slections on this list to only those you are most interested in.

    The most common rides are those you might take in your own vehicle. There are many scenic roads in the Black Hills including the Needles Highway, Spearfish Canyon and the Custer State Park Wildlife Loop. The Badlands Loop, Highway 244 from Interior to Wall, is another great ride.Roosevelt Inn Ideas for Rides

    Most of the rides listed in this section are special and may not be for everyone.  Horseback riding, for example, can be great fun, but if you are not used to it, a couple of hours on a horse can leave you in pain for days. Imagine sitting for two hours with your legs spread over a 55-gallon drum and you know what we mean.
    Others, such as snowmobile or ATV riding,  may not be suitable for smaller children,. Also these activities may only appeal to enthusiats who bring their own equipment.
    Finally, we have listed bus tours here even though they are not "rides" in the same sense of other activities here.  But some families may prefer this type of sightseeing which becomes more of a family activity without one of the parents stuck behind the wheel.

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1880 Train --  A two hour ride between Keystone and Hill City Aerial Tramway & Presidential Slide -- Ride up the cable car and slide down a 5/8th mile track. Black Hills Balloons --  A flight of  fancy for the truely adventurous. Bicycle Rentals -- Take to the trails
Horseback Riding -- Lots of stables to chose from
Snowmobile Rentals -- A day or half-day ride in the scenic back country. ATV Rentals -- Explore thousands of miles of roads and trails in the Black Hills  Bus Tours -- Easy way to see the sights.
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