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      One of the unique aspects of the Black Hills is that a great deal of the land area is open to the public.  Nearly all 1.2 million acres of the Black Hills National Forest, for instance, are open to the public without any user fees except for a few selected trails and activities..  Although, not actually a park, this forest sure seems like it -- especially if you take to the trails like the Centennial Trail or the Mickelson Trail. 

Roosevelt Inn Puplic Parks Information        All of the cities and towns in the Black Hills, including Keystone,  also have well-maintained, free public parks. Among the best of these is Canyon Lake Park in Rapid City.  But if you are just looking for a playground where your kids can burn off some excess energy, most any city park will do. If you play tennis, you can used one of Keystone's free courts.

       There are also the five national parks and two state parks within easy driving distance. The cost of entry for any of these generlly nominal, even free for Wind Cave National Park. Technically entrance to Mt. Rushmore is also free, however there is an $8 parking fee. National Parks and Golden Eagle passes are accepted at both Devil's Tower and the Badlands National Park.

       All of the 17 lakes in the Black Hills are open for recreational use and the public areas around them are mostly free except for certain activities, such as camping.  Fishing, however, does require the purchase of a South Dakota fishing license.

      Here is our list of public parks and public areas.

Mt. Rushmore Custer State Park Wind Cave National Park Jewel Cave
Bear Butte State Park Badlands National Park Mickelson Trail Centennial Trail
Devil's Tower National Monument Black Hills National Forest Story Book Island Dinosaur Park
Cleghorn Springs Trout Hatchery DC Booth Fish Hatchery Buffalo Gap National Grasslands Black HIlls Lakes
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