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     If you are on a budget don't let your kids see this page. Amusement parks are generally lots of fun, but the experience is more expensive than some of the other things you can do in the Hills. But if you are going to vacation, well ....
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     On the other hand, it is easy to spend several hours on some of these attractions, or even more if you count the time it takes to get there.

      Also, you wouldn't need to go to all of the attractions, as some are quite similar. The Ranch, for instance, is similar to Flags of Fun, and Evans plunge is basically a water park like the Rushmore Waterslide.

      Finally we've added on attraction that's free: Storybook Island.  Although, to be accurate, Storybook Island is more of a playgound than an amusement park, there's plenty there to keep younger children occupied for hours.

     Here's the list.  Use your browser's "back" command to return to this page if you dare.

Cosmos Mystery Area Flintstones Bedrock City Evans Plunge Flags & Wheels
Pirates Cove Mini Golf Ranch Amusement Park Black Hills Maze
Rushmore Waterslide
Holy Terror Mini Golf Gulches of  Fun Old MacDonalds Farm Storybook Island
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