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     Caves are always a favorite with kids of just about any age. The only thing to keep in mind is that some cave tours may have lots of steps or otherwise might be difficult to maneouver with small children.
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     Old gold mines such as the Big Thunder Gold Mine in Keystone and the Broken Boot mine up near Deadwood can also be fun for kids.

     Two Black Hills Caves, Wind Cave and  Jewel cave are managed by the National Park Service. Seven others are privatedly operated.  Beautiful Rushmore Cave is the closest to Keystone.  Sitting Bull Crystal Cave is another favorite with children because it has over 160 steps straight into the ground.  Adults may be less than trilled by all those steps. For something completely different try Thunderhead Underground Falls.

     Most cave tours take about an hour and in summer tours leave frequently, usually three or four times an hour, depending on the cave. Prices vary,  but adult tickets are generally in the $8 range for commerical caves and somewhat cheaper at the National Park Service caves. Caves tend to be cool so a light jacket is usually recommended, along with flat-soled shoes.

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