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We are centrally located in the Black Hills near:

Mt. Rushmore
Crazy Horse
Custer State Park
Devil's Tower
Jewel Cave
Wind Cave
The Badlands
1880 Train
Sylvan Lake
The Needles
Hot Springs
Bear Butte
Spearfish Canyon
Wounded Knee
Bear Country
Reptile Gardens
and many other
Black Hills

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Kid Things in the Black Hills

    The Black Hills seem to be an especially magical place for children. Just about anything listed on our Black Hills Index is suitable for children, but this list contains things to see and do that have been especially popular with youngsters.
     We know that many young families need to travel on a budget, so we've tried to give you some ideas for things to see and do that don't have to cost a lot of money. You don't have to go to amusement parks or shows, or take tours to have fun in the Black Hills. Look at our page on simple pleasures for more ideas. Remember that the most fun you can have might be doing something as simple as a short walk in the woods or a picnic.

     If you would like to know more about a particular attraction or site just click on the link. Use your Browser's "back" command to return to this page.

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