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     If you can think of an outdoor sport, you can probably do it in the Black Hills.  Most popular of course is hiking with hundreds of miles of marked hiking trails and over a million acres of Black Hills National Forest you should never be at a loss to find a new hiknig advendure.

     Virtually all of the trails in the Black Hills National Forest can be hiked for free. Normally your only cost is the cost of driving to the nearest trail head. From Keystone, that would be on Highway 16A about two miles south of Keystone or from Horsethief Lake behind Mt. Rushmore. Trail head parking is free.

     Most trails in the Black Hills are categorized as "easy" to "moderate". Because they tend to be between 4500 and 6100 feet in elevation were the air is a lot thinner than sea level, the going could seem a little hard at times.  Hiking requires almost nothing in the way of equipment, but a good pair of shoes are definitely recommended. We also like to carry a walking stick, lots of water and something to eat.

     Check out these links to other outdoor sports. (Use your browsers "Back" command to return to this page.)
Cycling -- Riding the roads, trails,  and open country. Geocaching -- Popular treasure hunting at some great sites Bird Watching -- Rare and unique species in Black Hills Rock Collecting -- Geological diversity in the Black Hills and nearby areas
Hiking -- Over 400 miles of marked trails Fishing -- 17 lakes and 1,000 miles of streams Swimming -- Lake swiming and tubing Other -- Ghost town ghost mine hunting and other hidden treasures
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