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Devil's Tower

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Itinerary: Devil's Tower National Monument
Time Needed: Most of a day with stops and tours
Best Time To Go: Anytime
Description:      This itinerary involves lots of driving so it may not be to everyone's taste.
     Start early in the day by following Highway 16A north out of Keystone then take US16 West to Highway 385. Follow US385 north past Sheridan and Pactola lakes then up to Pluma. This drive is about fifty miles and will take about an hour. 
     At Pluma, take US 85 north through Deadwood -- stop at your own risk. Deadwood has more than 70 casinos (mostly small) so there are plenty of places to drop off a few quarters. There are also several places that offer low-cost breakfasts. You won't have trouble finding them, just follow the signs.
     From Deadwood, proceed north on US85 to the junction of I-90 and take I-90 west to Sundance, Wyoming.  If you didn't stop in Deadwood, there are more restaurants in Spearfish. At Sundance, take US 14 North to Devil's Tower Junction. Follow Highway 24 north to the National Monument.
  You will have to pay an entrance fee to get in ... or, use your Golden Eagle Passport. Many people like to hike the one-mile trail around the base of the tower. Other people like to climb it and usually in summer you can see several climbers making the ascent.
     When finished at Devil's Tower, take Highway 24 north to Hulett, Wyoming.  This sleepy little town comes alive just one day a year during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally when tens of thousands a motorcyclists descend upon it and drink more beer in one day than the town would otherwise sell in 10 years. Follow Highway 24 east through the Bear Lodge Mountains. After crossing back into South Dakota, Highway 24 becomes Highway 34, so just stay on it to Belle Fourch (pronounced bell foosch).
     If you have the time, look around in Belle Fourche which is a classic western cow town. Really! Stay on Highway 34 all the way back to I-90 and then take I-90 to Sturgis. Sturgis highlights include Bear Butte State Park, the Ft. Meade Cavalry Museum  and the Motorcycle museum there. It is, of course, most famous for its annual motorcycle rally. Follow I-90 back to Rapid City then follow US16 and US16A back to Keystone.


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