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Mt. Rushmore
Crazy Horse
Custer State Park
The Needles
Hot Springs
The Mammoth Site
Sylvan Lake
Wildlife Loop
Little Devil's Tower
Cathedral Spires
Wind Cave

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Southern Black Hills Tour

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Itinerary:     Mt. Rushmore, Custer State Park, Wind Cave National Park, Crazy Horse Monument
Time Needed:    About 4 hours of driving but expect it to take most of a day with stops and tours
Best Time To Go:    This tour will take most of a day. Mt Rushmore is best seen in the Morning. Animals in Custer Park are usually more active at sunrise and dusk, try to avoid the Wildlife Loop at midday or when the weather is very hot as the animals may not be near the road. Crazy Horse Memorial is best seen in the late afternoon.
Other Details:    The Mt. Rushmore parking permit is $8 and good for a calendar year.
   A five-day pass to Custer State Park is $10 per vehicle in summer.
   Wind Cave Tours vary depending on which tour is seleleced. A basic tour is $3.50.
   The Crazy Horse Entrance fee is $19 per vehicle or you can view the mountain carving from the highway for free.
   Other entrance fees apply for the Mammoth Site and Evans Plunge if you choose to enter those facilities.
Description:    Start early in the day. From Keystone follow US16A west about 1/2 mile to the junction with Highway 244. Follow 244 up to Mt. Rushmore. If you haven't seen Mt. Rushmore already, go in and visit the Grand Terrace and the Mt. Rushmore Interpretive Center. The restaurant at Mt. Rushmore's Buffalo Dining Room serves a nice breakfast. From Mt. Rushmore go west on Highway 244 past Horsethief Lake to US16 & US385 -- about nine miles. Go south on US16 & US385 about 1/4 mile then turn left on the Needles Highway. Follow the Needles Highway (Hwy. 87) up to Sylvan Lake. You will need to pay an park entrance fee. 
   At Sylvan Lake get out of the vehicle and walk on the western shore to the dam. Look for the spot where the trail passes through the narrow rock opening and then go down a short distance into Sunday Gulch below the dam. If you wish, you can continue around the lake or turn back at this point. From Sylvan Lake proceed south of Highway 87 toward Little Devil's Tower. From the parking lot it is a short walk to the tower. From Little Devil's Tower proceed south again on Highway 87 to the Eye of the Needles and past past the Cathedral Spires. There are frequent pull-outs and stopping places to get a good look at the sights. 
   Go east on Highway 16A until just past the state game lodge then take the wildlife loop south. On the Wildlife Loop look for buffalo, antelope and Black Hills wildlife. You might also want to stop at the Prairie Dog village. At the end of the wildlife loop, turn south on Highway 87 and follow it into Wind Cave National Park. 
   Stop at Wind Cave and take the tour. 
   From Wind Cave, follow 385 South to Hot Springs and visit the Mammoth Site. Be sure to take note of the old sandstone architectures in Hot Springs. If you'd rather not see the Mammoths, you can always take a dip at Evan's Plunge. 
   When ready to leave Hot Springs, follow Highway 385 north again all the way to Custer. If it's late afternoon or evening and the mood strikes, you can take in the Mountain Music Show. Or your can catch a glimpse of The Crazy Horst Memorial in the afternoon sun or after dark when it is lighted. When ready to return to Keystone, follow 385 all the way back to Hill City then take 16 and 16A back to Keystone.

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