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Badlands Itinerary

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Itinerary: Badlands, Wall & Buffalo Gap National Grasslands
Time Needed: About 5 hours
Best Time To Go: Anytime, but the Badlands are best seen when the sun is low in the sky
Description:      If you are driving to the Black Hills from the east along I-90, the easiest way to visit the Badlands is via the Badlands Loop, Highway 240. If you are west bound you exit I-90 at milemarker 131 and return to I-90 at marker 110.  This itinerary is suggested for those who wish to take a closer look at the badlands or may have traveled here from the west or south. 
     Note: When driving, always stay on improved roads in the Badlands. The soil there really turns into awful mud when it rains and even four-wheelers have been known to get hopelessly stuck. This route takes you through the Stronghold Unit of the Badlands National Park which is less frequently visited by tourists. It involves driving about 20 miles on gravel roads, so if you worry about paint chips, we'd suggest you take the I-90 route. Also to be fully appreciated, the Badlands should be walked. 
     From Keystone take Highway 40 east to Red Shirt in the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Follow Reservation Highway 41 south to Reservation 2. Follow Highway 2 east to the White River Visitor Center. Take Reservation Highway 27 North to Scenic then follow Highway 44 east to Interior. At Interior jog north and Join the Badlands Loop Highway (240) as it heads west toward Wall. 
     This route takes you through the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands and also near Wounded Knee. This is a sparsely populated area so make sure your vehicle is in good working order before you try this.
     At Wall, be sure to stop at Wall Drug and maybe some of the other downtown stores.
     Follow I-90, 16 and 16A back to Keystone. 

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