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Two-Day Black Hills Itinerary

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Itinerary: Two-Days
Time Needed: About 8 hours each day
Best Time To Go: Start early in the day
Description:     Nobody, but nobody, can see all of the Black Hills in only two days. This itinerary uses many of the same roads listed in the other itineraries, so rather than repeat them here, we'll just give you a list of the highlights that you should try to hit. Basically this combines the North and South itineraries, going south the first day and north the second.
     Day one: Arise early drive up to Mt. Rushmore. Follow 244 west from Mt. Rushmore to US385. Take 385 south 1/4 mile to the Needles Highway (Highway 87). Follow Highway 87 to Sylvan Lake, the Needles, and the Cathedral Spires and into Custer State Park.
     Take 16 east to the Wildlife Loop Road in the park and follow the Loop Road all the way around to Highway 87 again. Follow 87 north back to Highway 16 and take 16 west to custer. Stop at Stockade Lake. From Custer, follow 385 north to the Crazy Horse Memorial then continue on to Hill City. A Hill City follow 16 and 16A back to Keystone.
     If you drive this non-stop, it will take 3-4 hours. For suggested stops, look at our listings for Custer State Park, Custer, Hill City and Crazy Horse Memorial.
     Day two: Follow Highway 16A north out of Keystone, back to US16. Take 16 west to the junction with 385 then take 385 north to Pluma. You will pass by Sheridan Lake and over the dam at Pactola Lake.
     In Deadwood visit Mt. Moriah Cemetary look into some of the Saloons or Gambling dens on Deadwood's Main Street. When finished, take highway 85 South back to Pluma and then turn right to go on up to Lead. Stop at the Homestake visitor center and look into their huge open pit mine.
     From Lead follow 85 South to Cheyenne Crossing, the junction with 14A, and take 14A north through Spearfish Canyon. Stop at Bridal Veil Falls.
     For the return, follow I-90, US 16 and US16A back to Keystone. For suggested stops, look at our listings for Deadwood, Spearfish and Sturgis.

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