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Sturgis, SD, Just another sleeply little town. Ya,
Sturgis, South Dakota.  Just another sleepy little farm town near the Black Hills.  Ya, right!  Well ... maybe for most of the year that description fits, but once a year in August the town comes alive with the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

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Distance 59 miles
Distance to
Other Places
from Sturgis
Deadwood, 14 miles via US 14A
Spearfish, about 22 miles via US14A
Mt Rushmore, 59 miles via I-90
Custer State Park, about 70 miles to Needles Highway at US385
Crazy Horse Memorial, about 75 miles via US385
Devil's Tower National Monument, about 80 miles via I-90
Wind Cave National Park, about 95 miles via I-90 and US16
Jewel Cave National Monument, about 95 miles via I-90 and US 16
Badlands National Park, about 100 miles Hot Springs, about 110 miles via I90 and SD 79
Time Needed: Something between 10 minutes and a week
Best Time To Go: During the Motorcycle Rally or as part of a swing through the northern hills
Directions: Take US16A and US16 east to I-90 then I-90 west to Exit 32
Highlights: Bear Butte, Fort Meade, motorcycle stuff
Description:      Sturgis is world famous as the host of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and Races during the first full week in August every year, scheduled for August 4th through the 10th in 2014.
      A visitor at any other time is likely to wonder why.  For 50 weeks out of the year, Sturgis looks like dozens other small town servicing farmers and ranchers of Western South Dakota.  The "why?" is answered as soon as visitors start driving the roads into the Black Hills to the southwest. Click here for our page about  roads.
      During Rally Week, Sturgis greets a half million motorcycle riders and plays host for numerous events and venues for motorcyclists, not the least of which are two Woodstock-style outdoor concert amphitheaters which feature famous bands and musicians. There are also numerous vendors of motorcycles and motorcycle gear. But, if you are not a fan of motorcycles you might want to give Sturgis a pass during Rally week and the week or two leading up to it.
       Contacts: Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 504, Sturgis, SD 57785.Phone: 605-347-2556. Fax: 605-347-6682.

Where to stay
Finding reasonably priced lodging during the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally can be difficult.  Most hotels and motels in a 100-mile radius of Sturgis are booked early and many raise their rates.

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