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Black Hills Gold

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Distance All over 
Time Needed: Not really a time thing 
Best Time To Go: Ditto 
Directions: Nearest outlets are in the Keystone Mall and on the boardwalk 
Highlights: Not Applicable 
Description:      We'd say that having some Black Hills Gold is one of those "must have" souvenirs from any trip to the Black Hills.
     This multi-colored gold jewelery can be had for as little as a few dollars or as much as many thousands of dollars. There are seven major manufacturers of Black Hills gold and their goods can be purchased from retailers just about everywhere in South Dakota.
     We don't make any recommendations about Black Hills gold because everyone has his or her own taste and budget when it comes to jewelery. So we say if you see something you like and it fits your budget, buy it.
     Here are some hints about buying Black Hills gold:
  1. Not all Black Hills gold is created equal. Some items are stamped and others cast. Some have detailed hand work, others not.
  2. Gold content in Black Hills gold tends to be low. Twelve and 14 carat seems common. Remember other metals, such as copper, give the gold it's distinctive color so don't even bother looking for 24 carat Black Hills gold.
  3. Designs tend to be varied and change frequently so if you see something you like and the price seems fairly close to what you want to pay don't try to find the item somewhere else ... you probably won't.
  4. It's ok to haggle a bit when it comes to prices, but remember that for most retailers, the margins on Black Hills gold tend to be small. You will see big reductions off "retail" but retail prices tend to be inflated anyway so the price that's marked it close to what you should expect to pay.
  5. Factory outlets tend to have the worst prices. The manufacturers don't want to undercut the prices offered by their retailers, so factory outlet prices tend to be among the highest. As the saying goes: "Somebody has to pay retail, that's why God invented tourists."  (Note: If you are traveling on a tour bus and they take you to a Black Hills gold factory, remember that the tour operator gets a cut ( ...err "commission") on every sale.
  6. Pawn shops can have the best prices on Black Hills gold and prices can be haggled down to barely above the value of the gold content of the piece. But if you are not familiar with the world of pawn shopping it's easy to get taken. 'nough said! 


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