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Trial of Jack McCall

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Distance About 50 miles
Time Needed: An evening. Starts as a shootout in the street. The trial begins nightly  at 7:30 p.m. except Mondays during the summer tourist season.
Best Time To Go: As a trip to Deadwood during the summer tourist season. Check for performance dates at 1-800-999-1876.
Directions: US16A & US16 to US385 to Deadwood  
Highlights: Fun melodrama for all ages 
Description:     As you may recall from your dime-novel reading, Jack McCall was the low-down dirty snake who shot Wild Bill Hickok in the back. We won't go into the historical accuracy of this nightly production in Deadwood's Masonic Temple on Main Street. Let's just say that it's about as historically accurate as the average Hollywood film.
    But this trial is loads of fun.
    By the way, the last words of the real Jack McCall were spoken to the sheriff as the noose was being put around his neck before he was hung: "Make it tighter, Sheriff," is all he said. Maybe he wasn't as cowardly as the legend has it. Also, at the real "first trial" of Jack McCall, in a Deadwood miner's court, he was found innocent. Some people, it seems, thought he did the town a favor by shooting Hickok. McCall's second trial and hanging actually took place in Yankton, South Dakota, more than 400 miles from Deadwood.
    The trial starts with a shootout on the street in front of Saloon Number 10 then moves to the Masonic Temple for the conclusion which as far as we know does not include the actual hanging of bad actors ... although some of them are pretty bad.
    Reservations are not necessary.
Trial of Jack McCall, Masonic Temple, Main Street, Deadwood, SD  57732. 605-578-1876

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