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Distance from
Mt. Rushmore
52 miles
Distance to
Other Places
Wind Cave National Park, about 15 miles
Custer State Park, about 30 miles via US385
Crazy Horse Memorial, about 50 miles via US385
Jewel Cave National Monument, about 55 miles via US385 and US16
Mt Rushmore, about 65 miles via US 385
Deadwood, about 95 miles via US385
Sturgis, about 90 miles via SD79 to Rapid City and I-90
Badlands National Park (Scenic Loop), about 110 miles vis US18 and Tribal 41
Spearfish, about 120 miles via SD79 to Rapid City and I-90
Devil's Tower National Monument, about 160 miles via SD79 to Rapid City and I-90
Time Needed: Give it a morning or afternoon
Best Time To Go: Anytime. Evans Plunge and Mamouth Site are open all year.
Directions: Follow US 16A north to US 16. Follow 16 west to US 385 and take 385 south to Hot Springs
Cost: N/A
Highlights: Mammoth site, hot springs, wild horse refuge
Mt. Rushmore is Open All
Open All Year
     Hot Springs is one of our favorite Black Hills communities if only for its rich sandstone architecture in the old downtown area.
     The town is the Black Hills' original tourist area having been developed in the late 19th Century as a destination where visitor's could "take the waters" in the famous hot springs (now known as Evan's Plunge).
     Today, sadly, much of that old-time luster is gone. The famous old Evan's Hotel, for instance, is now an assisted living facility. (The town could use an historic preservation commission.)
      Evans Plunge is still a major attraction and draws visitors all year, mostly for recreational swimming in the 85-degree natural spring water however as of this writing in January, 2013, the future of this Hot Springs landmark was in doubt because the facility was put up for sale in 2012 and interested buyers have indicated they may close the facility. We will try to post updates to this web site as they occur.
     Meanwhile, other attractions are secure: The Mamouth Site, a major scientific dig open to the public, is also an important site. The town is also near the Wild Horse Sanctuary and Wind Cave. Most people visit Hot Springs as part of a swing through the southern Black Hills. Info: 605-745-4140 or 800-325-6991. Write: Hot Springs Area Chamber of Commerce, 801 South Sixth St., Hot Springs, SD 57747.
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