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Distance from
Mt. Rushmore
52 miles
Distance to
Other Places
Deadwood, 2 miles
Sturgis, about 20 miles
Spearfish, about 20 miles via US14A (Spearfish Canyon Scenic Drive)
Devil's Tower National Monument, about 40 miles via US14A
Crazy Horse Memorial, about 50 miles via US385
Mt Rushmore, 52 miles
Custer State Park, about 60 miles
Wind Cave National Park, about 85 miles
Jewel Cave National Monument, about 85 miles
Badlands National Park, about 100 miles
Hot Springs, about 100 miles
Time Needed: An afternoon or evening
Best Time To Go: Late afternoon combined with your Deadwood outing since the two towns are right together
Directions: Follow US 16A north to US 16. Follow 16 west to US 385 North. Take 385 north to Deadwood and Lead
Highlights: Homestake Open Cut, Terry Peak, Deer Mountain, Museum of Mining
Mt. Rushmore is Open All
Open All Year
     Lead (rhymes with heed) is that other town in the northern Black Hills. Although Deadwood gets all the fame as a gold-rush town, Lead is the place where the gold was actually mined -- at least until December of 2001, when the Homestake Gold Mine shut down after more than 125 years of nearly continuous operation.
     Homestake Mine was the largest gold mine in the Western Hemisphere and its shafts and tunnels reach nearly 9,000 feet into the ground. You can get a sense of how far men will go to get gold, by taking visiting the Museum of Mining in Lead which is open all year. 
    In winter, the ski areas at Terry Peak and Deer Mountain come alive near Lead. The ski season usually runs from November to March. Incidentally, Lead is one of the least touristy towns in the Black Hills. Lead's primary industry has always been mining and it's more like a company town than a tourist center. Consequently there is relatively little in the way of food or lodging.
Link: Lead Chamber of Commerce

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