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Traveling to the Black Hills

     The Black Hills are located on the far western edge of South Dakota with a small portion in Wyoming. The majority of visitors drive in from the east. Significant numbers also drive in from the south and west. This Information Courtesy of The Roosevelt Inn of Keystone. S.D.
     There are no major cities with air hubs nearby. The closest big cities are Denver, about 375 miles southwest, Salt Lake City, about 625 miles west, Omaha, about 500 miles east, and Minneapolis, about 600 miles northeast. In short, if your idea of civilization is a major city, the Black Hills are in the middle of nowhere.
     If you plan to travel by private car, you should allow a full-day's travel time from any of the above major cities. Check out the travel time and mileage charts linked below for more details about distances and routes. Our "Points Enroute" Section has information about stopovers and places to visit on the way to the Black Hills.
    You can fly to the Rapid City Regional Airport (RAP) if you would rather not drive. Direct flights to RAP originate in Denver, Salt Lake City and Minneapolis and the carriers are United, Delta and Northwest airlines, respectively.
     The nearest Amtrak locations are all nearly 300 miles away.
     There is bus service to Rapid City but you might need the help of a travel agent to keep from being sent on an unnecessarily long journey. (See the link below.)
     If you plan to rent a car, you should arrange a car rental in advance if you plan to be here in the months of June, July or August. Car rental agencies are also linked below.

Mileage in the Black Hills -- Table shows distance between various points in the Black Hills. Mileage To Keystone -- Table shows mileage from selected cities in the US and Canada. Air Travel -- Information about flying to the Black Hills.
Points Enroute -- Towns along the way. Where to stopover if your trip takes more than a day. Other Means -- How to get here by bus or train. Ride, Drive or Fly options. Car Rentals -- List and contact numbers for Black Hills car rental agencies.
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