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Value Statement

     Our goal at the Roosevelt Inn is to provide high quality rooms at an reasonable price. We strive to make our rooms clean and inviting and to make your visit with us as pleasant as possible.  Most of our rooms are a minimum of 288 square feet.  That is a total floor space of 12 by 24 feet.  The actual sleeping area less the bath and entry is a minimum size of 12 by 18 feet in most rooms. (Economy rooms are smaller.)
      Rooms are  fully sound-proofed. We use high-quality bedsThe Roosevelt Inn of Keystone and bedding. Windows are large and the views are as good as or better than any other property in Keystone. We've seen to it that there's plenty of lighting and that the televisions all have at least 19-inch screens.We also provde coffee makers, refirgerators and DVD players in our deluxe rooms.
      The prices stated for our rooms are complete except for local taxes which total 8 percent of the bill. We do not "pack"  extra chargess which appear only when you are ready to check out.  Local and  800 calls are free. We do not have charges for such things as lost keycards or internet access. The use of all hotel facilities is free.
      Sadly, some of our competitors are less forthright with their charges. They advertise unrealistically low prices for rooms which are "not available" then "pack" the bill with extra charges. For instance, they  charge 50 cents for each and every phone call from the room. They charge for  internet access. Ice is not free. There is no continental breakfast. They charge $5 for each "lost" keycard. They charge  $10 for every child over the age of four.  We do not engage in such bill packing or bait-and-switch tactics. At the Roosevelt Inn, things that should be free, are free.
     We mention this only because every season we have gusts arrive who are paying more than $100 per night for a room. As they enter Keystone they see several signs advertising rooms for either $49.95 or $39.95 and think we are ripping them off.  Most people don't notice the little "s" behind the price which can have one of two meanings. (In summer, people are told the "s" stands for seasonal. In the fall people are told the "s" means single and the price shown is "per person".)
     These tactics, which amount to little more than bait-and-switch have been used by one motel group for years. (Yes, all the properties have the same owner.) This same group has several restaurants with neon signs in the windows  that say "breakfast buffet * $2.99.  Well, guess what. The breakfast buffet costs over $10.  The $2.99 is for one egg and one slice of toast.  What? You didn't notice the asterisk separating those items?
     We clearly list our prices on these web pages and on the on-line booking engine. Our prices are fair and real. If you do some comparison shopping on the web, you will see that.  We're not afraid to publish our prices.
      Nor do we offer worthless coupons to our guests. Discount coupons for various attractions are widely available in the Black Hills and you need not stay in a particular property to get them.  Also, we do not have "meal deals" for restaurants where the prices are outrageous -- including a mandatory gratuity in some cases.  We will direct you to good restaurants that are fairly priced and have no connection what-so-ever to the hotel.
      We believe it is good business act fairly and honestly without making misleading claims, and that's our value statement. .    
       For a rundown of  the length to which some property managers will go check out SELLING IT.

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