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We are centrallylocated in the Black Hills near:

Mt. Rushmore
Crazy Horse
Custer State Park
Devil's Tower
Jewel Cave
Wind Cave
The Badlands
1880 Train
Sylvan Lake
The Needles
Hot Springs
Bear Butte
Spearfish Canyon
Wounded Knee
Bear Country
Reptile Gardens
and many other
Black Hills

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Roosevelt Inn FAQs

Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If there's something you think should be included, please send us e-mail at the address on the left.

What kind of place is the Roosevelt Inn?
   We're a small family owned and operated hotel. Our emphasis is on clean and comfortable rooms at moderate prices. Our rooms have all the modern conveniences such as private baths, heat and air conditioning, satellite TV, direct dial phones, coffee makets, hair dryers, radios and clocks. We also have a pool, hot tub, family recreation room and a guest laundry. We're not a resort, a quaint country inn or a bed and breakfast. Also, we are not a link in a huge chain of motels.

How much are your rooms?

   Our rates are clearly stated and do not included any hidden charges. Click on any "Book Now" box to check our rates for a specific date. When it comes to rates, there are two things you should keep in mind: Not all hotel rooms are equal and rates for similar rooms at any given location will generally fall within a narrow range. Stop and think about it. If you were buying a car, you'd expect to pay more for a Mercedes than a Kia. Price alone is no guide to value. In the lodging industry, similar properties in any given location tend to be closely grouped in terms of price because they all have roughly the same costs. So if there's a big difference in rates between two properties, there's probably a difference in quality. Also don't be fooled by a seemingly big discount. In the lodging industry some properties offer huge discounts off of artificially high prices. You need to look at what you actually get for what you actually pay when it comes to real value. Finally the room rate may not be the whole story when it comes to room costs. For instance, some places charge a dollar every time you use the phone or only let kids stay free if they are under five years old.

If you are so small, how can you have so many amenities?

     In the trade, small hotels are sometimes called "boutique hotels." These are properties usually of 60 or fewer rooms that have many of the features of their larger cousins. The advantage, of course, is that the facilities are spread generously among the guests. We are not a boutique hotel. Our rooms are not as luxurious and our prices are lower than a typical boutique hotel.  Also we do not offer a 24-hour lobby or room service.

How can I contact you?

   When you dial our number (1-605-666-4599) you reach a real person right here at the hotel. It's probably no surprise that most  800 numbers in the lodging industry connect you to a centralized phone center where you talk to someone who knows almost nothing about the place where you plan to stay. If you call us, you get us. Here's our contact info:
Switchboard: 605-666-4599 (8am~10pm mountain time)
email: (plain text only, formatted email is rejected)
Snail-mail: PO Box 709, Keystone, SD 57751-0709
Physical Address: 206 Old Cemetery Road, Keystone, SD 57751

How big is your pool?

     It's 30 feet long and 14 feet wide. That's a good size if you have small children but not so if you want to do laps. 

Where can I eat in Keystone?

      During the height of tourist season, Keystone has about a dozen restaurants that are within walking distance. There's not much in the way of fast food nearby. None of the burger chains are located in or even near Keystone, so if your idea of a meal is a hamburger from a national chain, try Rapid City. We have the Big Time Pizza restaurant on-site. 

What is your AAA rating?

       Zip. In recent years many properties, particularly chains, have opted out of the AAA partnership program. They have done this because they believe brand recognition largely supplants an AAA endorsement. We believe AAA has lost much of its relevance when the information that used to be published in their travel guides is now widely available on line.
Why are your ratings with on-line ratings sites so (good/bad/ugly)?
      On-line opinion sites such as TripAdvisor, Yahoo, Epinions and others have some value, but because anyone can write a review the opinions tend to be uneven. We've had our share of good -- even great -- reviews and we've been ripped to shreads too. You wouldn't think the reviewers were writing about the same place. (Well, in more than one case, they weren't. Reviewers got us mixed up with someplace else.) Unfortunatly, what started out as a good idea -- the idea of user reviews -- has been just about "gamed" to death.  The field is now full of outfits that promise to "improve" a property's on-line reviews (for a fee, of course) and they artificially improve a property's rank by planting false, favorable reviews. What was a problem a few years ago is now an epidemic.

Can you see Mt. Rushmore from your rooms.

       You can see the mountain from many of our rooms but the faces are below the tree line. This is true for almost every property in Keystone. Unfortunately some Keystone motel operators imply that you can see the faces on Mt. Rushmore from their rooms. These claims are misleading. (One motel suggests that you "join them on the mountain." But it's not the mountain you think!) We dislike these misleading trade practices and have supported efforts to have them stopped through legislation. All we can do is suggest that if anyone promises you a room with a view of the faces on Mt. Rushmore, try to get the promise in writing with a money-back guarantee. If you want a view of Mt. Rushmore, we've got that. And we are clear about what you are getting. We would hope that you'll want to do business with people who will be honest with you.

Do you allow (pets?) (smoking?) (children?)

       Maybe. No. Yes. We do allow small, well-behaved pets, which must be delared at booking.  No more than one pet may be kept in a room, and management reserves the right to refuse service to some pets.  Please clear your pet before booking.

Why not smokers?

       We're hard-liners when it comes to smokers. We think that the use of tobacco products is a nasty, obnoxious and filthy habit. If you smoke you probably don't want to be around people like us.

How far are you from ___________? (fill in the blank)

       Nothing in the Black Hills is more than an hour's drive away from the Roosevelt Inn. Devil's Tower and the Badlands are somewhat further, but not much. There's a local mileage table at The boundary to Mt. Rushmore is just a quarter mile away and the visitor center is up on the mountain about two miles. Custer State Park is about three miles as the crow flies, but since most visitors aren't crows, they will need to drive about 12 miles. Crazy Horse is about 17 miles. Rapid City -- for those who like to be near Walmart, fast food and busy roads -- is about 29 miles to the Interstate Highway Tourist Ghettos. Deadwood is 52 miles up the Black Hills Parkway.
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