Map of Mt. Rushmore Visitor Facilities

    The Mt. Rushmore National Monument occupies just a few square miles and nearly all of the visitor facilities are concentrated in the area immediate to the monument shown on this map. Facilities include the Grand Terrace for viewing the monument. This terrace is located just above the Amphitheater where nightly lighting programs are presented throughout the summer.
    The Interpretive Center is immediately below the Grand Terrace. It may be reached by steps on either end of the terrace or by two elevators near the steps.     A restaurant and gift shop are located near the main public entrance on either side of the "Avenue of Flags." Restaurant and gift shop hours vary by season. In summer they are generally open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
    The President's Trail is a half mile walk that goes up to the base of the carving. This is as close as you can get. The trail begins and ends at the Grand Terrace and the first portion of the trail (going left from the Grand Terrace) is handicap accessible. The trail to the right leads to another viewing area and the Artist's Studio where interpretive talks are given throughout the summer.
    Public parking is located in the main parking lots, shown in red, which charge $8 for a one-year parking permit. Free parking was discontinued in 2003 due to security concerns. There is however a free parking area at the backside of the monument at a pull-out on Highway 244 but it is a quarter mile back along the highway to the visitor facilities.
    SD Highway 244, which goes to Keystone is shown in Blue.

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